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Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

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Serving Birmingham, Bessemer, Pelham, and Alabaster AL.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Alabama, our janitorial services proudly cater to the needs of Birmingham, Bessemer, Pelham, and Alabaster. We are more than just a cleaning service; we're a testament to excellence, dedication, and local community understanding.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions for Every Need!

- Commercial Excellence:

From the bustling business centers of Birmingham to the commercial hubs in Pelham, we offer top-tier janitorial solutions tailored to professional spaces.

-Residential Revitalization:

Homes across Bessemer and Alabaster can enjoy our meticulous cleaning standards, bringing a fresh feel to every living space.

-Educational Institutions & Public Buildings:

Serving schools, libraries, and public facilities, we ensure a clean and healthy environment for the communities of all four cities.
What Sets Us Apart in Birmingham, Bessemer, Pelham, and Alabaster?

- Local Expertise:
Understanding the specific needs of these Alabama cities gives us an edge in delivering targeted services.

-Green Cleaning:
Prioritizing the health of our communities, we utilize eco-friendly cleaning solutions safe for both the environment and its residents.

-Trusted Professionals:
Our team, rooted in Alabama's values, comprises certified janitorial experts passionate about their craft and community.

- Flexible Scheduling:

Catering to the diverse schedules of these bustling cities, we offer flexibility in timings and service frequency.

Whether you're a retail store in Birmingham, a cozy cafe in Bessemer, a corporate office in Pelham, or a resident in Alabaster, our janitorial services are designed to ensure your space shines and remains inviting.

Your Local Cleaning Partner

Join countless satisfied businesses and homeowners across Birmingham, Bessemer, Pelham, and Alabaster, AL, who trust us with their janitorial needs. Our commitment is not just to cleanliness but to the community we proudly serve.

A Clean Office Promotes Productivity!

Keep your space clean with scheduled cleaning from Hackworth's Cleaning Service, LLC

Your employees appreciate a clean work environment, but they probably aren't going to offer to take out the trash and vacuum at the end of the work day. Keep your office space immaculate for your employees with commercial cleaning by Hackworth Cleaning Service, LLC. We provide daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services to accommodate your cleaning needs. We are always welcoming new customers - call today for one-time or recurring commercial cleaning services in the Bessemer, Birmingham, Alabaster, & Pelhem, AL area.

Our commercial cleaning services

  • Covid-19 Cleaning
  • Floor Stipping & Waxing
  • Post Constuction Cleaning
  • Car Dealership Cleaning 
  • Office Cleaning 
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Janitorial Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning

Our commercial carpet cleaning and other professional services ensure your company has its best foot forward. Your image nurtures a positive perception and effects your business! Thankfully, Hackworth’s Cleaning Service understands this connection and provides quality, reliable commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses throughout Alabama and surrounding areas. Helping business owners create a positive & appealing image of their company is what Hackworth’s Cleaning Service does best! 

Hackworth’s Cleaning Service has had the immense pleasure of working on countless of high-end residential projects… but, that’s not all we do! We’ve provided cleaning services on many large, commercial projects, such as: Fitness centers, restaurants, daycares, office buildings, etc. 
You can’t go wrong when you choose Hackworth’s Cleaning Service!


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Disease Prevention Cleaning

Disease Prevention Cleaning

Sanitize Your Building From Top to Bottom

Bessemer, Birmingham, Alabaster, & Pelham, AL

Whether your business has been directly affected by the Coronavirus or not, sanitizing your building can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Hackworth's Cleaning Service, LLC can sanitize your entire building room by room using a fogger Sprayer. Our sprayers cover every surface of your building and dry out all infectious bacteria and viruses. The equipment is designed to provide the best coverage by wrapping the spray around every surface it is applied to. Our process allows us to use fewer chemicals and achieve the same level of sanitization. 

We have a 2 step process: we clean everything with a hospital grade disinfectant, and then we fog the area to ensure proper disinfecting. Our cleaning products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe disinfectants, so they will not harm your pets or your kids. The timeframe for this type of sanitation is based on the size of your area.  

We work with small businesses throughout Bessemer, Birmingham, Alabaster, Pelham, and Jefferson County, AL to provide full-service COVID-19 cleaning. We will do everything we can to make sure your office building is safe for employees and guests.

We recommend scheduling regular disinfection services to decrease the risk of exposure to viruses such as COVID-19. Please give us a call today!


During these times, typical cleaning procedures are not enough to keep your business clean and sanitized. Our advanced cleaning technologies are just part of what sets our business apart. Hackworth's Cleaning Service offers professional COVID-19 cleaning and can sanitize your business. Trust our professionals to...

  • Wear protective gear to safeguard themselves and your property
  • Clean and Sanitize all surfaces in the building
  • Finish our cleaning and sanitization process in less time than ordinary sanitization procedures
  • Help with sanitizing viruses such as influenza and MRSA
  • Effectively clean and sanitize all hard to reach places and high traffic areas

Get professional sanitation services during this difficult time. Contact us today for COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection in Bessemer, Birmingham, Alabaster, & Pelham, AL.


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