Four Areas We Constantly Overlook in Our Homes & Offices


Remeber to use the most suitable cleaning products and techniques that are most suitable for your home. These are simply recommendations.


1. Radiators: These can typically collect a lot of dust because of the lack of use over the course of warmer seasons. However, try using a blow dryer to knock out any dust that has built up in order to get your environment warm and cozy.
 2. Door Frames: Okay we might all be a bit guilty of this one! Why? Because we're not typically looking over the door frames or even in that area unless you're like close to 7ft tall. Try getting your duster damp and running it over the door frame material. This should come up muche easier than plain old dusting.
 3.Walls: So you may not have known that it is absolutely possible to dust your walls! You should be able to use a good old Swiffer mop for this but if you're an intense cleaner like us, we'd recommend a Flash Speed Mop. Check out the best seller on Amazon -->
 4. Blinds: You may have grown up hearing, "DUST THE BLINDS" or maybe you didn't. However, the blinds tend to get overlooked especially if you have curtains. Try using an old sock to trap the dust. If this doesn't do the trick, you may can revert back to tip #3 and use your new Flash Speed Mop!
We hope you learned something new today;
Stay tuned for MORE exciting tips!
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